Sarah Zobel

sarahzobel I am a linguist at the Department of German Studies and Linguistics at Humboldt Universit├Ąt zu Berlin, specializing in formal semantics, pragmatics, and their interfaces, as well as experimental and corpus linguistic methods in these areas.



Research interests

My current research interests in theoretical semantics and pragmatics:

  • impersonal pronouns and non-referential uses of personal pronouns in connection with genericity
  • predicative German als-phrases an English as-phrases & other non-clausal expressions with propositional content
  • discourse particles and their contributions inside questions and antecedents of conditionals
  • morphosyntax and semantics of the Bavarian verbal prefix der-

In addition to my theoretical work, I am interested in corpus linguistic and experimental methods and how they can be applied fruitfully to semantic and pragmatic research and how they can inform theoretical considerations. A further interest of mine is regional and dialectal variation, which I aim to integrate in my theoretical and empirical investigations.

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Latest article

The Impersonal Use of German 1st Person Singular Ich.
Zobel, Sarah. 2021. The Impersonal Use of German 1st Person Singular Ich. Linguistic Inquiry (Online first).

Recent presentations
  • @ HU Berlin: Determinerless predicative nouns in German
  • @ UBC: Roles and the motivation behind role nouns
  • @ RUB: Two types of existential quantification
Recent teaching
  • Sommer 22: SE Text & Discourse
  • Sommer 22: SE Textual coherence
  • Sommer 22: HS/OS Generizit├Ąt