Sarah Zobel
University of Tübingen
Deutsches Seminar
Wilhelmstraße 50
72074 Tübingen

Email: sarah.zobel [AT]

Teaching and teaching materials

Eberhard-Karls Universität Tübingen (German Department):

Winter 2018/19 Introduction to Linguistics (PSI), Corpus-based methods for linguistic analysis: adjectives (with Edith Scheifele, HS/OS), Objective and subjective meaning (HS/OS)
Summer 2018 Parts of Speech (+ research methods: academic writing) (HS), Discourse Particles (HS/OS)
Winter 2017/18 Discourse Models (HS/OS)
Summer 2017 Introduction to Linguistics (PSI), Semantics and Pragmatics of Questions (HS/OS)
Winter 2015/16 Introduction to Linguistics (PSI), Temporal Semantics (HS/OS)
Summer 2015 Corpus Linguistic Methods for Lexical Semantics (with Claudia Maienborn, HS), Compositional Semantics (HS/OS)
Winter 2014/15 Introduction to Linguistics (PSI), Conditionals (HS/OS)
Summer 2014 Introduction to Linguistics (PSI), Attitude Verbs (HS/OS)
Winter 2013/14 Introduction to Linguistics (PSI), German Grammar (PSII)
Summer 2013 Introduction to Linguistics (PSI)

Advising: experimental, corpus linguistic, and theoretical theses on attitude verbs, adjectives, definiteness, discourse particles, and temporal semantics.


Georg-August Universität Göttingen:

Winter 2016/17 Introduction to Semantic Theory (SE), LabClass 4 & 5 (accompanies the Intro, SE), Presuppositions (SE), Oberseminar English Linguistics (with Hedde Zeijlstra, OS)
Summer 2016 Introduction to Semantic Theory (SE), LabClass 1 (accompanies the Intro, SE), Adjectives and Adverb(ial)s (with Frank Sode, SE), Attitude verbs and attitude ascriptions (SE), Oberseminar English Linguistics (with Hedde Zeijlstra, OS), Oberseminar Theoretical Philosophy (with Dolf Rami, OS)
Winter 2014/15 Corpus Linguistic Methods (German Department)
Summer 2013 Introduction to Programming for Linguists (German Department)
Winter 2012/13 Introduction to Semantics (Linguistics Department)
Summer 2011 Semantics and Pragmatics, Introduction to LATEX (Linguistics Department)
Winter 2010/11 Introduction to Semantics
(German handouts and homeworks)

Advising: theoretical BA- and MA-theses on discourse particles, questions, and speech acts.


Additional teaching:
August 2018 Courses at EGG2018
"The Semantics of Perspective Sensitivity" and "Intro to pragmatics (materials)
August 2014 (co-taught with Patrick Grosz) Course at ESSLLI 2014
"A (Non-)Uniform Approach to Pronominal Semantics"
February 2014 Introduction to R (department-internal mini-course, University of Tübingen)
November 2013 Course on corpus linguistic methods (department-internal mini-course, University of Tübingen)

Other experience:
I was a teaching assistant both at the University of Vienna and the University of Technology Vienna.
• University of Vienna: I assisted at the Introduction to Linguistics, the Introduction to Semantics, the Introduction to General Linguistics and another introductory course.
• University of Technology: I taught parts of a course on mathematical computing environments and programming languages.

Downloadable teaching materials:

Updated: August 10, 2018